Fearless Party Games currently offers three different traveling puzzle games:

You are a secret agent. You have been compromised. You need to find your passport and skip town. You have 30 minutes before the authorities arrive at your home to apprehend you. You’d better hurry.


Diamond Pressure
There’s a wedding starting in half an hour, and the diamond ring is missing! It’s possible there were a few too many champagne toasts at the rehearsal dinner. At any rate, now there’s a lot of new stuff in the lost-and-found, PLUS a security guard who takes his job a little too seriously. Can you find the missing ring before the vows begin in just 30 minutes?

The Lost-and-Found | Fearless Party Games
The Lost & Found

Wilderness SOS
Your friend, Massachusetts Man, a local celebrity, has gone on a mysterious adventure. You’ve received an urgent message from him, requesting the delivery of more supplies, but he didn’t mention where to meet him. Can you figure out his location by searching through his belongings? You have thirty minutes before you have to hit the road…

Wilderness SOS | Fearless Party Games
Wilderness SOS