And So It Begins…

Legend has it that hidden somewhere in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, there is an incredible and wondrous treasure, concealed so cleverly by one of our founding fathers that no one has been able to find it in nearly four hundred years.

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Our friend Massachusetts Man has been obsessed with this mystery for decades. He’s hoping to find the location of this treasure himself – that’s why he’s always going on adventures. One of these days, he just might find it.

Unfortunately, we have a small problem. His research concerning the secret location of the treasure is so important that he protected it with several passwords, but now, unfortunately, he can’t remember what any of those passwords are.

He’s asking for your help. Each page of his research has a different forgotten password on it. The good news is that there are hidden clues in each page that will reveal the password to the next page. If you can unlock all the research, it should reveal the next possible treasure location to investigate.

Are you FEARLESS enough for an adventure?

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Feeling stumped? Request a clue. You’ll receive an immediate response.