March 1, 2019: Fearless Party Games at The Summit Lounge

Join us at The Summit Private Lounge for a chill evening playing unique puzzle games at your friendly local cannabis club. Game sessions start at 7:30pm and are available til close, every half hour, and smoke sessions start whenever you want! You’ll need to perform some teamwork and puzzle solving skills during your 30-minute game session, so plan your toke-ups accordingly. The Summit Lounge will be open for relaxation all evening, as per their usual operating hours.

Ticket info:
$25 – Game Ticket and Guest Pass
$15 – Game Ticket and Member Pass
$10 – Game Ticket (sold separately, not available online)


Purchase your tickets for the game of your choice by clicking below:

book-wilderness-summit lost-found-summit book-summit

The Summit Lounge allows club members to smoke on the premises – this includes cannabis, cigarettes, cigars, and hookah. This venue regularly hosts unique public events such as cannabis tastings, beer tastings, local artisans exhibits, paint nights, and game nights. The Summit is a great place to hang out with friends and to socialize with other members who are likeminded.

For more information about Fearless Party Games, send us a message or simply read on:

No escape room experience? Not to worry, you don’t need any. The basic concept an escape room is for players to work together to solve a series of puzzles and riddles that reveal how to open locked boxes and compartments. So how is it possible to offer mobile “escape room style” games? Simple – the games from Fearless Party Games don’t involve actually trapping anyone, so no pressure there, BUT players will be challenged with the same kind of puzzles and locks. Each of our games is designed to last 30 minutes for up to 6 players at once.

Fearless Party Games currently offers a choice of two different games:

The Lost-and-Found
There’s a wedding starting in half an hour, and the diamond ring has gone missing! The entire wedding party had a little too much fun after the rehearsal dinner, one thing led to another, and now there’s a lot of new stuff in the wedding venue’s lost-and-found. Can you find the missing ring in time… or will the wedding be ruined?

Wilderness SOS
Your friend, Massachusetts Man, a local celebrity, has gone on a mysterious adventure. You’ve received an urgent message from him, requesting the delivery of more supplies, but he didn’t mention where to meet him. Can you figure out his location by searching through his belongings? You have thirty minutes before you have to hit the road…